About us


Our mission is to offer a wide selection of quality children’s books, especially those focused on Turkish culture and religion. We strive to provide our customers with an unforgettable shopping experience by focusing on first-class customer service and fast, environmentally friendly delivery. We also want to support ethical moral goals by showing our support for charitable projects and initiatives.


Vision: Our vision is for CufCuf to become a leading online platform for children’s books in German-speaking countries and beyond. We want to be a place where parents and children come together to share a love of literature and Turkish culture. We want every customer to leave our store with a satisfied smile on their face and looking forward to their next order.

How it all came about

The idea for CufCuf was born out of a love for children’s books and an enthusiasm for technology. Fatih, a tech enthusiast, and Ebru, a loving mother, felt they could create something that would enrich the lives of children. When their son Yusuf was born, it was the final push they needed to make their dream come true. CufCuf was born, named after the sound that locomotives make, as well as the name of her son.

The locomotive logo with a book top was a natural choice, as it reflects their belief that life is a journey and reading books plays an important role in that journey. The focus on Turkish books came from the realization that there was only a limited selection of Turkish children’s books in Germany. CufCuf wanted to fill a gap and give parents the opportunity to present their children with books that reflect their cultural roots.

CufCuf began as a small family business, but over time the company expanded to offer German books as well. The company quickly became a popular address for Turkish and Muslim communities, as well as for people of other cultures who wanted to introduce their children to Turkish books.

CufCuf has a strong commitment to sustainability and supporting ethical moral goals. The company uses environmentally friendly delivery methods and donates to charitable projects such as the earthquake area in southern Turkey, where a coloring book for children is being created, and to a local children’s soccer team.

Today, CufCuf is a successful online store that delivers throughout Europe. We are proud to offer a wide selection of Turkish and German children’s books and provide our customers with an unforgettable shopping experience

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